Electromechanical Installations

1. Engineering:

EIEC provides custom made solutions and designs to provide clients with highly sustainable and maintainable process installations in the food and beverages industries. These designs range from skidded to inline ones.









2. Sanitary Stainless Steel Installations:

EIEC offers very highly hygienic stainless steel processes and piping systems installation through our experience and our on site certified teams skills. EIEC is equipped with both pipe fittings and inspection quality assurance tools to enable perfect welds. These tools range from orbital pipe cutters to inline reciprocating cutters to purging gas analyzer and videscope for internal tubes’ welds.










3. Swing Bend and Service Point Panels:

EIEC offers highly precise cut CNC swing bend panels supply and installation for process use, as well as utilities service points for steam/water mixing and air outlets.







4. Utilities Networks:

EIEC has a long experience in sizing, design, installation and piping of utilities machinery such as air compressors, Ammonia compressors, boilers, evaporative condensers, cooling towers, CO2 regeneration plants and Water treatment stations.









5. Platforms:

EIEC offers design and execution of special made galvanized or electrostatic painted platforms in production areas whether for process requirement or mcc centers.

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